Cuma, Haziran 13, 2008

too many candles..

it`s hard not to recognize love.
because it is naked, proud and scared shitless..

it`s the prey and the hunter
it`s the prayer and the goddess
-she shines to blind...
she has come to kiss and lick your wounds
she`s here to heal
and she doesn`t deal.
it`s bussiness,
it`ll be done.

no mercy
no harm
at least not intended
anything is possible here
it just cannot be undone.

rainbows bleeding
clouds yelling at you
"get`em all those butterflies"
i`m telling: noone can save you.

align me with your constellation,
lie to me if you need to-
hold me tight
-and if sleep is still far away,
push it hard-pull my hair and we rise up in the air..
there we are, we ride on...
and tomorrow, promise, we take good care of each other.
cashews, chocolate and spliffie for breakfast
vitamins our daily bread.
power up at china town
and off we hit the road again.

until the day it hits us back-
we are safe, we`re allright
always ready for a dance.

so this is again where we are,
this is our story, or so they say...
is this your life, or mine; better we not know.
but we cannot stop here,
this is cold tiger country..
we ride on..
this is all we know.
the love, the happiness,
the joy we worship.
the way we live, careless and without a care..

-we take refuge in someoneelse`s dream,
it`s incredible india..

we lie down on the asphalt:
it is white and warm, a beach on a parallel universe..

too many candles having,
only one candle, and a few casual friends...
two bottles too many, to flash all relevant memory
-of pain and joy and life and death and birth and rebirth and all we are is melting all over the sand..
and it`s easy to climb over you in the ocean.
you hold me
and time stands still.

from that moment on, we cannot go back.
so we yield, we let go..

whatever may come,
i am upto.

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