Pazar, Temmuz 06, 2008


careful what you wish for
for all your wishes come true
and you end up
in the most unexpected direction.

well you're a dancer;
you dance your way,
among and through a constellation of colors, trees,
wild beasts
lost chaperons, clowns
-and motorbike people
trancing dark,
each in their own way:

your dreams,
it feels
do not meet your needs..

do you really need anything?
do you really need to be loved?

yes you need,
you proud princess, you need to shine
and explore.
and yet
you project...

wadada, means love..
simple as that;
good music i dance
no good music i not dance.

here you are...
you are here.
do you have any idea
what really is going on..?
do you believe in what you are?
guess you do..
do you believe in what you do?
i guess not..

is a tall tale..
but you little fairy
--you are a woman now
lost in your own tale..

are you just pushing it?
or are you loosing it?

i say you are,
a dense jungle..
i say you are...
i dare say you are-
a wish;
and slashing
-to gather
and to loose.

where did you exactly choose this?

.desire takes over
-it is something new...
you are
in love.
in a way, so different -you could not have imagined this for yourself..

yet love is there;
and beautiful
as a long awaited sunrise...

you shine,
you rise
not knowing,
where you are taken.

without any direction,
you follow,
your hearts innocent duty.

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