Pazar, Eylül 07, 2008

Summerblind, wildhow, asdawn..

Summerblind, wildhow, asdawn..

Where did i find you
Where did i end
How did i loose the bend
To begin myself to a new end?

Hairridie hippidie here comes forth a zippidie
Willo wild a sweet trippery
Wild and unknown
Sweet and just as i kiss
Out of nowhere, just blown
-You were talking about the skies i guess
Space, planets, starlight-
Kids were laughing in a hammock under moonlight.
Fusion, Goa, 2008 winter, summerblind
To all except love and all else is behind.

Our story baby is so far untold
Always fun to hold on to
-Are you still having fun?-
You pulled a shadow play
And other party tricks
A hippie on acid massage session
Topped with trancy cop topped nights at nanda deep
The so called cheap vietkong diet
An indian pulsar motorbike
That nearly killed us.

So what the hell,
Day o night we laugh away
Times to ride
Day to dawn
We’re making history
For children unborn.

Remember I made a promise
I will come with you,

Well whatever,
Now i remember
It was a wild wild juice shop
A cold coffee
And one mango juice
No sugar please..
So, it comes back,
A crazy pschedelic rabbi
A lazy crazy jungle
All dreams to full on
A trip to come a dawn
To bring you to me.
Well at last
Far be, for me
To see some wildhow
Just so true
To come close
At dawn..

Goodmoring i say
And i find you on my way
Summerblind, wildhow, asdawn..

Sona ©, September 2008

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