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Truth and Tigers

Truth and Tigers

It was a long way from the local gangsters party place and the guesthouse ghetto
How impossible – but lost in a tiny river island
Lao lao just says c'mon and lao lao..
Middle of the night
We were moonbathing in a field
Dreaming of the pink river dolphins we were too lazy to see in the day
Listening to the Mekong, and a distant waterfall
Together we were under a sky
With no end
-such relief, air to breathe, promises left behind in a locker in Bangkok, hurray!
Torn to be wild and tired and confused and reborn into the mild
what's for you will not pass you by right?
How insensitive -fucking sad songs of love scattered around the craters of a deserted planet
That’s why we feel at home on a tropical island in the end
Ask me how it all began and let me tell you if i can
We used to suck life out of wild plants
Risk all just for a party in the jungle back in the day
It was nothing
Nothing was in our way
What a colorfool love affair
Idiots, jolly
Name the fruit, kiss the bride
What a superspecialfuntime – hell of a ride
Well now i’ve been thinking about it for a long way
Not that it carried me an inch away
I think in centimeters anyway
Well now I can only see
or re-great it
Monsoon is a long way
But here we are on thunder road again
“So you're scared and you're thinking”
Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison sit and smoke one across the river
Sitting on the porch of a Buddhist Temple
It’s all magic but nothing is working, they say.
Meaning of a thousand unspoken words in shame
Evidence of a thousand magic spells lost on their way
Goddamn you solid earth
Goddamn you invisible tigers in the jungle
Goddamn the abbys between our phrases
Goddamn a girl who loves truth and tigers

Sona ©, july 2009

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