Cumartesi, Eylül 12, 2009

thunder and milk

thunder and milk
fortless, naked and powerful..
I am
-uncensored and uncut
in the darkshine of your love.
“if you only knew..
the power
of the darkside”, old vader used to say.
Something unborn grew in me while you were away.
Alive and cheerful
In the tower of the undead
The bliss of love may not conquer all
Yet I am
Ready to unleash, fight and nourish
Your undead priestly beast
With whatever thunder and milk in my breasts I have
Silence brought me the answer;
No matter what
it is a yes
fortless, naked and powerful..
I am here.
To devour your hell in my heaven
-I dare
To strip me of the heaven I have built with blood and tears and laughter and funny bitter golden teachers all along the way-
in your unknown land
deadly sober
deadly awake.

Now I summon my nightly other, Luna Lupus
To give me the power
Not to fight-
Just to be there.
I summon my Sun and Shine on you
Perseverance of the now self-permitted hermit on the summit of a history
I scream to you from the hard earned emptiness I have built around myself
Fortless of the proud naked self
-I dare
To shine a flowering spring
In your deadly unwelcome deep
You’re not welcome
But you are here,
as I let.
truth is my only
and ultimate weapon
truth is my justice, truth is my beauty
if you dare
-even when i’m running scared
No matter what it’s a yes.
I come to you dressed in all my fears
I come to you hurt
I come to you full of hope and twistedly real
I dare your devil
I come to you fortless, naked and powerful
Scared shitless
With a fresh, bold heart
Smouldering the ashes of a deep burried past
No way-
I come to you with a history that deletes itself
Do you say-
Reborn and ready to die for no reason I dare
I come to you with a thirst for the truth
I am the devildarer
I am the flowering spring and sun and I come to heal and kill and die and loose and i dare
No matter what
It’s a yes
With whatever thunder and milk in my breasts I have..

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