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Happy New Year Everyone, May The Horse Be With You!

Happy New Year Everyone, May The Horse Be With You!
Here's My List of New Year's Resolutions

-Quit smoking repeatedly all thru the year
-Drink water, it keeps you sane
-Ride more dragons
-Tear down my personal mythology
-Publish a book in Elvish (or any language goddamit get it done!)
-Keep on running 7.5 km three days a week
-Expand Conan comics collection further
-Learn another language (Klingon maybe?)
-Keep on sprouting grains for salad
-Recycle as usual
-Buy less (except fancy underwear)
-Keep on doing what i want (always remember; in some cultures what I do would be considered normal)
-Travel more (exotic and intergalactic)
-Volunteer for some good cause somewhere
-Do another buddhist meditation retreat
-Learn how to sail
-Invest in a pole for the hippie mansion and start a pole dancing club
-Experience at least one more near-death experience
-Dance barefoot with at least 3000 people out in the wild
-Date older (less drama)
-Date younger (they need love too)
-Experience true love and/or find that legendary perfect pair of jeans (must be out there)
-Stay focused on your own work
-Try to see and make the most of all possibilities
-Get more lazy (This is considered as a unique meditation in Laos)
-Work harder (Stay in touch with the machine)
-Steal another discoball from a legendary disco (makes a nice collection)
-Consume less oil, walk more
-Find more magical gifts for Bilge
-Cook more often for friends
-Talk them into going out and doing something stupid
-Don't forget, it's not difficult, it's just a different cult ;)
-No Fear!
-Always shine :)

Sona Shine

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