Çarşamba, Haziran 09, 2010

About marriage, death and fruits...

Dialogue from Witches of Eastwick
Filmed in 1987
Written by John Updike

Alexandra: Are you married?

Daryl Van Horne: Good question!
You see? Brains.
The answer is no.
I don't believe in it.
Good for the man.
Lousy for the woman.
She dies.
She suffocates. I've seen it.
Then the husband...
...complains to everyone that he's fucking a dead person.
And he's the one who killed her.

Where is your husband?

Alexandra: Dead.

Daryl Van Horne: Sorry, but you're one of the lucky ones.
When a woman unloads a husband
or a husband unloads a woman...
...however it happens...
death, desertion, divorce....
When that happens, a woman blooms.
She blossoms.
Like flowers. Like fruit.
She is ripe.

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