Cuma, Eylül 29, 2006

I'm Between

Post Modern Şiirin en güzel örneklerinden. Susam Sokağı külliyatından bir eser.

Oh I'm between
I'm between
And I'm feeling just like
A sardine
'Cause I'm between
You know what I mean
It's not a happy scene
To be between
Oh there's a monster on my left side
Ho ha ha!
A monster on my right
Ha ha ha!
They're there from early morning
Ha ha ha!
To very late at night
Oh I'm between
Like a string bean
It's the saddest thing that I
Have ever seen
To be between
First this one tries to push me this way
And that one pushes that
They both keep right on squeezing
Until I come out flat
Oh I'm between
Know what I mean
And it's easier by far
Being green
Than being betwee-ee-een!

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