Salı, Eylül 16, 2008

Name your own day

Welcome to the universe
Where all your wishes come true -in reverse
You are wishlashed
Always crashed
A so called rebel –without a pause
Disillusioned in constant remorse

Well, you’re gonna have to know
When the moment arrives
When the magic comes back.
Stop wishing and become
The wish itself
Grab on to it
Stop you idiot, let go of it
What heaven or hell to it
Here’s the beat
-just dance to it
Sorry mate,
It’s not all good times
But we’re still family, right?
Come on,
Come around..

You might be in an office
Maybe in a zoo,
It’s time to take off your zombie mask
Time to sell your shoes.
No more credit cards,
No more fancy dinner
A feast of friends
Is where we gather loose.
When its all dorky and blabbery
Moment stealers’ make believe tv
Just turn it off,
Get away

You’re a freak
Of a mutant race
To get a break
To persist
To resist in your own way
There is no holy beam
No shining ray
No road signs,
No road to sing your way

Sorry mate,
It’s not all good times
Make a choice
And be what you’ll be
Rise aware your own destiny
Forget about the old Monday fever
Don’t get trapped in the hollow Friday lever
Rise now,
Rise to shine,
Light your way,
Name your own day.

Sona ©, September 2008

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